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Dear Web Master,
Fiance.com, is one of the most popular international dating sites featuring Russian women interested in foreign marriage on the Internet. We have been is business since 1996. Our approach has proven to make money and you can be a part of it within minutes!

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  1. Fiance.com sell variety of the products and services, along with monthly memberships. It means that the client spending and your income are unlimited. Fiance provides highest quality service, and our clients uses the site continuously.

  2. We have two commissions plan for you to choose:

    • We pay generous 20% commissions on all sales including memberships, credits, flower and gift orders. Thus you can make as much as $30 from membership payment on recurring basis, and $20 from one flower and gift delivery order that is usually $100 in average. You get paid 20% from all order that are done by client who came from the link on your site. YOU GET PAID FOR ALL LIFE OF HIS ACCOUNT.

    • NEW: flat $2 commission per registered client.

  3. You get paid 20% from all order that are done by client who came from the link on your site. YOU GET PAID FOR ALL LIFE OF HIS ACCOUNT.

  4. Moreover, We will pay you for all sales generated on your referral sites down to the 3-rd level. You will get %5 from the sales of your 1st level referrals. We have three-tire referral fee percentage. We give you Multilevel marketing tool for free, so you can build your down line and get paid from all order generated by your referrals. Thus it really depends only on you to devote time and create a huge army of the promoter in you your down line.
  5. We do not have problems to transfer payments to any country. Agents from Russia and Former Soviet union, do not worry about receiving paycheck. We will transfer money to you every month on time!

  6. Our marketing department will provide you with marketing tools and ideas continuously to successfully build your income with us.


  • Click here or Register link to fill out registration form
  • You will get immediate access to the login protected affiliate interface area.
  • Read our Manual/Help section to understand how to set up ad campaign and sea statistics.
  • You will not be limited to one affiliate ID to put on all links from your resources. You are able to set up individual ad campaigns to see exact stat for the particular link, banner, and page. Thus you will know exactly what works producing sales, what doesn't work.
  • You will be able to set up different type of campaigns.
    • Banner code - place generated for the banner code campaign script to your web pages and our banners will be rotated on your pages and delivered from our server.
    • Link - link any banner, text, images placed on your pages, hosted on your server and be flexible
    • Frame - put whole Fiance.com site under you web site umbrella as a frame. Keep users on your site.
    • Informer - create cool, exciting photo gallery of the especially selected beautiful Ladies in any place of your web site. Images are update automatically. This kind of ads usually produces greater results. You will have ability to select they way photo informer is shown.
    • XML - photo gallery, Text gallery database. Create fiancee photo gallery on your site using our specially prepared data base with the best photos. Keep user on your site. Only fro ordering he will be transferred to the Fiance.com
    • More inside… click here to join!
  • See, study statistics. Your affiliate interface will have very advanced stat fro each campaign you set up. You will see clients, where there are come from, clicks, and number of impressions for the banners, conversion rates, and commissions. Fiance.com affiliate stat is one of the most comprehensive stats. Use it to make more money!
  • Get paid.You will see commissions you made real time. Your commission check will be mailed to you automatically, on the last day of each month. We have no problem with sending you payment by wire, web money or other transfer methods.
    You will earn 20% on all sales. It's that easy!
  • Get paid more. Attract more webmasters to work in our affiliate program and get paid from 3 levels below you. 1st level - 5%, 2d level - 2%, 3d level 1% from every sale generated from their web sites.
Click here to start and join the program.

Note: We may terminate your account at any time if we determine (in our sole discretion) that your site is unsuitable for the Program. We have a few simple rules, which must be followed by every Associate in our organization.
  • No spamming (unsolicited e-mail or unacceptable newsgroup posts).
  • See term and conditions for the program.
See operating agreement of the program.