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How it works. Frequently Asked Questions.

What is and how does it work?
How do you accept ladies for the Photo Gallery?
How do I get started?
What Membership Options are available?
What are the costs?
Can I get the lady's postal address and her private email?
Do you edit letters I send?
How does she receive a translated version of my letter?
If I telephone her in Russia, how will I know she’ll understand me?
What is Gentlemen's Catalog?
Is there a fee to be listed in the Gentlemen's Catalog?
Is it safe to post my photo and Bio-Data on the web?
Where do I send and receive my emails?
How does incoming email work?
Is there a fee for photo transmissions with my email?
Do I need an e-mail address to use
How do I pay for membership?
What is the best way to browse the Photo Gallery?

What is and how does it work? - is the leading introduction and relationship building service of its kind. Our members receive the widest access, the best customer care and affordable, reliable services available anywhere.

Over 17,000 women have placed their photographs and profiles within our site hoping to meet Western men of quality. Choose one special lady, or get to know dozens via our efficient, electronic mail forwarding system. At, you are free to choose the membership level that best suits your plan for the future.

We also introduce the profiles of our male members to thousands of eager women and many of these will write to you immediately. As you join, we will place your profile and photograph into a special version of this site. Accessible only to our registered ladies and the hundreds of agencies throughout Russia and the FSU, this busy site is actually an online Men’s Catalog featuring our male members.

Men who are seriously interested in contacting and getting to know these incredible women, quickly learn that preferred membership at is the easiest, most productive and cost-effective way to engage in fast, two-way communication via our electronic mail forwarding system that respects and insures your privacy.

As you browse our ladies profiles, you’ll see many that have private emails and you are welcome to write to them directly. However, the majority of women from Russia and the FSU do not have personal computers or email accounts. Whether it’s for economic reasons or due to local infrastructure, it’s a fact that the only way for many of these women to reach out to you is through the services of an agency in their own city or town.

These marriage agencies help women without private email and internet accounts to get their profiles seen by men like you. These women regularly visit the agencies to browse the online Men’s Catalog and to read and respond to the electronic letters they’ve received. To stay in business, the agencies charge various fees for handling letters. Most web sites pass these fees onto their members. At $6 - $10 USD per page or per letter, you can see how easy it is to spend much paying letter handling fees than you’ll ever pay for just membership.

With, you can write to as many ladies as you wish, as often as you care to, and receive an unlimited number of responses from these ladies while paying no additional fees or charges of any kind. Only makes it possible for our VIP members to send and receive unlimited letters with as many women as you want.

How do you accept ladies for the Photo Gallery?

Our ladies are not just interested in writing or dating for entertainment. Most are focused on meeting the right person for a serious relationship that will lead to a successful marriage. works with hundreds of agencies representing thousands of individual ladies. We verify every agency and individual ladies before accepting and publishing their online listing.

After verifying an agency’s location and viability, we educate and train their operating staff to insure that they provide the best possible service for our clients, both male and female. When we receive registration requests from both individual and agency-affiliated ladies wanting to be featured at, our management team in Russia routinely performs verification processes that include an actual telephone interview with the lady.

How do I get started?

All guests at are invited to search and browse the online Ladies Catalog for FREE!

The Ladies Catalog contains personal information, photographs and insights into their personalities and hopes for the future. Use one of the links in the left menu under “Photo Gallery” to search for ladies. You can search by age groups or the dates their profiles were first listed.

Typically, 20 thumbnail images are shown per page as a default. Just click on any image to see the lady’s profile and additional photos. You are welcome to customize your own layout for search results. How many pictures are shown per page? Do you want to see the profiles simultaneously? It’s all up to you.

From individual profile pages you can send her a letter or perhaps some flowers, or arrange to speak to her by phone with help from one of our professional interpreters, but these services are available only to members.

What Membership Options are offered? has three membership levels:

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • VIP

It is FREE to register for Basic Membership. You can quickly open a personal account with a secure login ID and password. The features of our membership levels are described below in detail. At, you can upgrade to a Premium or VIP membership at anytime or downgrade your membership online whenever you wish.

With Basic membership you can:
  • Set up your personal profile with 1 photograph and be listed in our gentlemen catalog
  • Receive e-mails FREE from ladies who decide to write to you first
  • Read, respond and send UNLIMITED number of letters to VIP ladies on our site
  • Upload photographs to attach to e-mail letters you send
  • Prepare email templates for your introduction letters. Creating templates will speed up the process of sending your first letter that introduces yourself
  • Order any of the other value-added services offered by
  • Upgrade to Premium or V.I.P membership with a simple mouse click

To be able to communicate freely with the thousands of interested women via our e-mail forwarding service you should consider choosing a Premium, or V.I.P. membership. These members also have access to additional stats. When you view a profile, you’ll see the date she registered and the number of letters sent to her. Both upgraded memberships offer significant discounts on our other services.

Premium members can:
  • Set up a personal profile with up to 3 photographs for listing in our online gentlemen's catalog
  • Receive FREE e-mails from ladies who decide to write to you first
  • It’s FREE to send and receive UNLIMITED, UNEDITED* INTRODUCTORY** EMAILS with photograph attachments

    ** INTRODUCTORY emails are your first contacts with any women, agency based or independent. This means you can write a first letter and attach a photograph to as many ladies as you like. If the lady writes to you first, your reply to her letter is FREE.

    * UNEDITED means you can include whatever information you want within your emails. Send her your personal email account, home address or even your telephone number. It’s up to you.

    We do not edit your messages as many other introduction sites do to prevent members from contacting each other directly. Send all the introduction letters you like and communicate directly with any lady on our site.
  • Continue unlimited email exchanges with independent ladies having their own email accounts
  • Continue correspondence with ladies with agency email accounts for a discount mail forwarding price. The women you write to who do not have a personal e-mail account will receive your emails and reply immediately from our affiliated agency offices. Her replies to each of your letters are also FREE!
  • Order other value-added services at a considerable discount. Premium members receive a 5% discount on Flower and Gift delivery and 50% off the set-up fees for translator assisted phone dates
  • Upgrade to V.I.P membership with a simple mouse click

V.I.P membership includes:

  • Set up a personal profile with up to 6 photographs inclusion within our online gentlemen's catalog
  • Receive FREE mails from all ladies that decide to write to you first
  • Send UNLIMITED and unedited introduction emails with photograph attachments

    Unedited means you can write any personal contact information you want within your emails. Send her your personal email or home address. You can also include your telephone number.

    We do not edit your messages as many other introduction sites do to prevent members from contacting each other directly. Send all the introduction letters you like and communicate directly with any lady on our site.
  • Continue unlimited email exchanges with any or all of the ladies advertising themselves at
  • Send Flowers and Gifts with a 10% discount. Set up for translator assisted phone conferences is FREE
  • At every profile you’ll see the lady’s registration date and the number of letters she’s received

What are the costs? is the most efficient, cost-effective and reliable way to meet thousands of wonderful women.

  • Basic membership is FREE!
  • Monthly fees apply only for upgraded memberships.

To view a full membership comparison table with current prices, click HERE

Do you edit letters I send?
We do not edit your and ladies' emails. You can send your information and ask for her information: mailing address, phone numbers, and personal emails.

Can I get the lady's postal address and her private email?
Yes, write to her and ask. She’ll likely send you the information promptly. Some sites will charge $10 - $15 for a single address or email. At, such personal contact data is not removed from your private letters. This information is FREE based on your best judgment and the willingness of the lady you’re writing.

Do you edit letters I send?
No, we do not edit your emails or the lady’s responses to you. You can send your personal information as you see fit and ask her for the same. Mailing addresses, phone numbers, and personal emails are not deleted. Translation software faithfully coverts English to Russian without editing and the recipient gets both versions.

How does she receive a translated version of my letter?
The letters you send are converted to Russian by an automatic translator program. This advanced software does its best to produce an accurate translation. Both your original and the Russian translation are given to the lady. The same is true whenever a woman sends you a letter. You’ll receive both the Russian and English versions.

If I telephone her in Russia, how will I know she’ll understand me?
Our three-way conference calling makes it easy for you to get the most out of your phone calls to Russia. Not only will we contact the woman to arrange for a mutually convenient date and time, a professional interpreter will join in, as needed, to insure that your words and the thoughts behind them are clearly conveyed. Charges are applied based on the length of the call. A minimal set-up fee applies, but for VIP members, it’s FREE.

What is Gentlemen's listing?
Even Basic membership privileges allow you to have your personal profile advertised FREE online within our exclusive Gentlemen’s Catalog. Each of the more than 17,000 women listed at uses the catalog to choose members they want to write. The ladies also look at your listing when they receive e-mails from you.

Having a Gentlemen's Catalog listing is a great way for you to safely post your bio-data and photos on the web. The gentlemen's catalog is login protected. Only verified agencies and ladies registered with can view your personal ad. By placing your profile online with us you will get free exposure to thousands of women. Unlike similar services from other introduction and dating sites that may charge between $20 and $100, this service is totally FREE for all of our valued members.

Is there a fee to be listed in the Gentlemen's Catalog?
No. Listings are FREE for members at

Is it safe to post my photo and Bio-Data on the web?
Gentlemen's listings are perfectly safe. We care about your privacy. The Gentleman's Catalog is login protected and available only to verified agencies and independent ladies registered with Your e-mail messages are located on our secure server. To check our Secure Certificate, click HERE.

Where do I send and receive my emails?
Sending: You may send email letters on while browsing any profile, or from your own mail box in the "My Account" area.
Receiving: You receive all incoming messages in your account mailbox.

How does incoming email works?
Every time a new email letter arrives, a notification email will be sent from to your personal email.

Can I attach photos to my email?
Yes. It is FREE for members. Other dating sites will not let you transmit attached photos or will charge $3-$10 for a single photo transmission.

Is there a fee for photo transmissions with my emails?
No. It’s FREE.

Do I need an e-mail address to use
No, you simply need internet access that allows you to check your individual mailbox at

How do I pay for membership?

  • Online by secure web server using your credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
  • Phone: 1-888-689-4473 Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
  • Mail: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Check, Money Order
  • Western Union
  • Paypal

What’s the best way to browse the Photo Gallery?
Guests and members are free to browse and search the Photo Gallery. Within the catalog, it’s easy to customize your own page layout specifying the number of photos seen and the amount of detail wanted. The catalog contains the personal information, preferences and photographs of over 17,000 women eager to hear from you. You can choose to see 20, 64 or 80 thumbnail photos per page, with or without the ladies’ personal details. To view more information about her or to see additional photos of a particular woman, simply click on her picture. You can change the search screen display options at any time with a single click.

Whenever search galleries are opened, the first women shown are those newest to You can do an advanced search with your own specific criteria, or see only the newest female members by clicking “Last Week” or “Last Month”. Browsing the Photo Gallery by age range is also a popular technique.

Under the heading “Photo Gallery” just click on one of the following options:

There are also three contact options available on each lady’s personal page:
  • "Send e-mail letter" to send a letter directly to this lady using our email forwarding system.
  • "Flowers and gifts" to show her how you feel without the need for words. This makes a great impression!
  • "Call me" to submit a three-way conference call request. This option is recommended if you have already exchanged several emails and are ready to talk to her by phone. In most cases, her English will not be completely fluent. The interpreter's help will make the call more fulfilling and rewarding for you both.

Customer service : Russian brides

-> F.A.Q. / how it works
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