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Overview of our Services

For over a decade, Fiancé.com has brought new love into the lives of thousands of satisfied male members. Fiancé.com is the leading introduction and relationship building service of its kind. Our members receive the widest access, the best customer care and affordable, reliable services available anywhere.

Fiancé.com offers the most efficient, cost-effective and reliable way to get introduced to the wonderful women of Russia, Ukraine and other Former Soviet Union (FSU) member states. Member testimonials and a majority of opinions expressed within our exclusive dating forum reflect our professionalism and effectiveness.

If you’ve dreamed of finding someone from overseas for a serious relationship, Fiancé.com provides many ways for you to actually get to know her before making any serious financial commitments or complex travel decisions.

Most of our competitors charge you money for each letter you send or receive from girls listed in their site. These charges add up fast and may limit your search to only a handful of choices. Choose a membership level with mailing options that match your individual needs and goals. 

To get a true idea about the personality type of the woman you’re writing will take time. You will want more than just a glimpse of how she thinks. To begin making emotional connections with someone you hope is right for you and vice versa, it will take more than just a few letters. Our VIP Membership allows you to send and receive unlimited letters, including photographs, with no additional fees.

Before you decide to fly to Russia , the Ukraine or elsewhere to meet her in person, or if you’re considering flying her to meet you in some exotic place, it makes sense to take a wise and well-informed approach.

Consider the unique benefits of our mail service:

  • Premium and VIP members can send and receive an unlimited/not edited number of first letters and photographs for the price of their membership alone.
  • VIP members can write and receive an unlimited/not edited number of letters from all of our ladies. Premium members can also send/receive unlimited letters from those women who have their own email account.
  • There’s no need to worry about translation, or the privacy of your personal correspondence, all letters are sent through an auto-robotic translation program for language conversion. The recipient receives both the original and translated version.

Fiancé.com is not a marriage agency.

Fiancé.com is designed for men. We help them promote themselves via our online men’s catalog and also make it possible for them to find and contact women seriously interested in correspondence and romance. Our many years of experience, technical expertise and strong presence in Russia and the United States have made us well known among women wanting to meet Western men.

Thousands of women write to our members directly from their homes or offices and do not require the help of a local marriage agency. Ladies and agencies have own web site to access services.  However, simply having a home computer with internet service and private email account is an expensive luxury few of our ladies can afford. In their efforts to find you, many have no choice but to obtain these vital services by working through reputable marriage agencies.  

What’s the real difference Fiancé.com offers?

There are many introductory and dating sites focused on women from overseas. On many of these sites you will see only a small selection of the total number of women that would love the opportunity to hear from you.

Some site owners allow only the youngest and most attractive women to create listings. Do you think that only young and beautiful women want to marry a good man, create a new life and have an opportunity to build a happy family? Obviously this is not true. So, what is the motive at these glamorous websites? Their primary revenues come from the letters you send and receive.

Fiancé.com accepts and lists the photos and profiles from every woman that is seriously seeking a man like you. Without regard to age or appearance, we bring you the faces, hopes and dreams of women that want what you want. Here you are free to choose from over 17,000 women. Not every man finds happiness married to a cheerleader or model. Our site features real women looking for real love.

We are not driven by a need to charge you money in the form of fees for sending or receiving letters. Men pay hard-earned money every day just to read letters from someone that looks like a centerfold, but who is also probably not their ideal match.

A few words of wisdom…

Many beautiful women are listed on Fiancé.com. You can spend a small fortune at most sites trying to learn what actually lies behind that lovely face you’ve chosen, or you can write as many letters as you wish, to as many ladies as you choose, until you’re fully satisfied that the woman you’ve selected is the right one for you.

Knowing, as best you can, that you are also right for her will strongly improve your odds of finding long-term happiness. Because of the distances and costs involved, don’t jump in head first. What’s the point of having a fleeting rendezvous that might well provide you with as much satisfaction as your last extremely bad blind date. How can you avoid this regret? Good communication!    

Getting introduced and working your way through the initial stages of getting to know someone should not be limited to your willingness to pay fees for letters. Wouldn’t you like to write and communicate with a real woman, a woman that says what she wants and knows what she means? And why be limited to a handful, when you can easily converse with more than one, or even dozens for no additional cost?

We are committed to providing each of our members with the best possible introduction service available. We strive to insure that the women in our site are genuine and interested in marriage. We provide customer service by telephone 24 hours per day and have maintained and impeccable reputation since 1996.

Make the investment to become a preferred member of Fiancé.com.

This is the wisest first step you can take towards finding your own perfect match.

Our History

Fiancé.com opened in 1996, we created an online presence featuring Russian women interested in romance and marriage with foreign men.

From the beginning our goals were to insure you the best customer service possible as we provided reliable, direct and fast communication between interested parties. Our first offices were established in Michigan , USA and both St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg , Russia .

Now, in addition to providing introduction services to thousands of women located in almost every city across Russia and FSU, we have also built an extensive flower and gift delivery network.  

Convenient Membership Options

Our system is straightforward. There are three membership levels. Men can register and become a member for free. With Basic membership, you can set up your profile and publish it to the secure Men's Catalog that is available only to agencies or independent ladies registered with Fiancé.com. As your profile and photo appear in our Men’s Catalog, some ladies will actually write you first

It’s important to remember that over 17,000 ladies are currently registered with Fiancé.com. To make the most of the opportunities for love that this many interested women represent, you should consider choosing a Premium or VIP membership.  You can send letters to as many ladies as you choose for FREE and receive their answers absolutely FREE.

At Fiancé.com your letters are not edited and you can include all the photographs you like. Most web sites will edit out any address or contact information you want to share with your lady. This can even include removing email addresses from letters because they want to charge you the same for a lady’s email as they would for her address.

In most other web sites, you’ll pay additional money to send photographs and some charge up to $10 for every letter you want delivered. After paying them to deliver your letter, do you think you’ll get to read her response free of charge?  You’d better check!

As a valued member of Fiancé.com, you can write whenever and whatever you want. Our aim is to help you communicate freely with the women you’re interested in and to insure that each of your letters receives a response. The reply may be either positive or negative, but you’ll know that your letter was received.

Customer service will be happy to check on the status of your letters that remain unanswered. At any time, we can tell you if and when your letter was delivered. For more information, please visit our F.A.Q/How it works section.

Your Privacy & Security

The majority of women in Russia and the FSU do not have personal email accounts or access to the Internet. These services are available to them via local agencies which, for a fixed fee, publish the profiles on the hundreds of dating sites.

Fiancé.com acts as a safe buffer between you and both the agencies and their ladies. Our affiliate agencies follow strict rules and have agreed to honor and observe our guidelines and operating standards. We hold them to these standards in our effort to prevent any questionable business practices.

Scams and fraud can be rampant over the internet in the absence of tight controls. Men like you are often asked to pay simply to read an unsolicited letter from a women who may not exist. We provide our members with honest service supported by the safest communication tools.

We selectively verify the addresses provided by ladies and do our best to avoid scams. With our experience, any such attempts to defraud our members are quickly identified and corrective action is taken.

We can perform any necessary verification our members may request including address verification and determining whether or not the lady is actually who she says she is.


Not only can you exchange emails via the site, we also offer chat on-line and live conference calls with the use on a Fiancé.com interpreter. Live customer service is available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Our online catalogue is updated daily and new additions are immediately published. We receive constant updates whenever the personal or contact information for each of our ladies changes and immediately delete the profiles of women who become unavailable. We welcome comments from our members and suggest that our online dating forum is an excellent way to share your experiences and learn from others.

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